Candidate Training

The first step in becoming a Mammoth Basin Nordic Backcountry Patroller is to join the National Ski Patrol. The Nordic Candidate Advisor will assist you with this process. Nordic candidates must be at least 18 years of age to join the Mammoth Basin Nordic Backcountry Patrol.Candidates are required to successfully complete the following courses:

  • OEC (Outdoor Emergency Care} 60+ classroom hours or the OEC-E online course+ class room hours as well as patrol field hours
  • CPR/AED (Professional provider level)
  • Level 1 Avalanche
  • Level 1 Mountain Travel and Rescue

Once you have successfully completed the OEC course, you are officially a NSP Nordic Candidate Patroller.The Candidate must also demonstrate proficiency in the following skill areas:

  • Basic Nordic skills (skiing, snowshoeing or snow boarding)
  • Emergency Toboggan Building and hauling
  • Radio Communication in the backcountry
  • First-Aid, and on-the-trail Procedures
  • Snowmobile proficiency

To continue your training and become a Nordic Patroller, you must successfully complete courses covering basic Avalanche level one and Mountaineering level one, the Nordic skills test, Patroller 101 course and emergency toboggan building. This list of training may seem daunting; however training may be completed in a single season or over several seasons, if desired.

Training need not stop once you’ve completed your Nordic candidate requirement. At the beginning of every season, Nordic Patrollers and continuing candidates are required to complete a cycle refresher course in OEC,CPR/AED and the “On-The-Hill” protocols at the Mammoth Basin area. Advance courses are also available (listed below) within the Mammoth Basin area.

Additional training that is available to Nordic Patrollers:

  • Level 2 Avalanche
  • Level 2 Mountain Travel and rescue
  • Instructor training for all the courses
  • More ski skills including backcountry and Telemark skiing.

If you have more questions, please contact us using our contact form HERE.